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Jennifer Neal and her sister Stacy Fingers haven’t been able to sleep much. Not since their sister, Jamie — Stacy’s twin — was last heard from a month ago in Peru.

“She’s my sister. I’m just not gonna listen to anybody until she calls me,” Jennifer said, as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Jamie’s twin’s biggest fear: “That she’s not safe,” Stacy said.

“We’re all three pretty close. We’ve all three really had each other for a long time,” Jennifer  added.

Jamie Neal and her boyfriend Garrett Hand, left in December for an biking adventure there. They were last heard from on Jan. 25.

Jamie’s last communication with Jennifer was on the 25th , in a Facebook post. And countless pictures Jamie has posted along the way have suddenly stopped. Garrett’s cell phone, simply goes to a recording.

Stacy sensed something was up early on.

“Just a worried feeling. Like something was wrong,” she said.

Jamie has always been the adventurer, but never gave them reason to worry.

Although they are in close contact with the embassy, the sisters hope that in coming forward, someone who knows something will help, ultimately bringing them home.

“Until someone shows me proof, that she’s not missing, I don’t believe it,” Jennifer said.