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WEST SACRAMENTO — West Sacramento police officers are investigating the death of a man after he was run over and killed by a garbage truck driver.

“It scares me to drive here anymore!” life-long West Sacramento resident Linda Adams said.

She said her hometown is no longer the slow and peaceful place it used to be.

“I hate going down Jefferson and West Capitol now,” Adams said.

She said she sees far too many accidents here.

The most recent one was on Wednesday at 7:50 a.m., when a man riding a bicycle was run over and killed.

“Both of them were traveling westbound on West Capitol Ave., and as the garbage truck was traveling on his normal route, he was turning into the trailer park, and the garbage truck and the bicyclist collided,” Sgt. Roger Kinney of the West Sacramento Police Department said.

Investigators are still trying to determine who was at fault.

Lori Jorgensen said she has had some close calls, while crossing West Capitol Avenue.

“I’m not surprised … I’m just lucky it’s not me,” Jorgensen said.

Residents said the problem is twofold – Cars whizzing past them on a miles-long stretch on West Capitol without a light, and too few sidewalks.

“On June 1, my best friend was killed right down there. They need to put more crosswalks and more signs,” Jorgensen said.

From those behind the wheel to those on bikes, to those on foot, everyone agrees, changes must be made to keep everyone safe.

“No crosswalks! If our mayor is going to revamp and praise West Sac now, he should do it right,” Adams said.

The garbage truck driver is cooperating with investigators.

The identity of the bicyclist has not yet been released.