Davis Bagel Shop Slammed by Accusations Spread over Social Media

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The cafe-going community of Davis is chewing on a computer-driven controversy. It’s all based around claims that a U.S. service member was denied service because the business was anti-war and didn’t offer military discounts.

The owners of Posh Bagel say the false accusations posted online have created a situation for them that’s hard to swallow.

Employees at Posh Bagel have delighted in good customer relations for the last decade. Most folks say they just love the place.

“Always … always great. Always polite. Always really good bagels,” said diner Chris Donnelley.

But, since Saturday, what workers in Davis have been hearing has been drastically different.

“People are just calling and screaming at us saying really mean, bad things,” said worker Juan Zurita.

Those things cooked up by someone who put a scathing post on the business review site Yelp. A woman named Jessica McKelvey emailed the comments to FOX40.

This was the text of the email:

“SPREAD THE WORD!! “Do not eat at this establishment!!! I wish I could give them no stars but sadly I cannot. We went to eat at Posh Bagel today and my boyfriend was in his service uniform after performing an honor guard service for a fallen military veteran and we were DENIED service and food because the owners “do not support the war”. He had our son and they refused to serve us a meal based on the fact that we are military members who DEFEND their right to have the freedom to own a local business. I will no longer be supporting this establishment and I encourage others not to support them as well! Posh Bagel is the definition of anti-American!”

Zurita was on duty Saturday.

“I don’t recall anyone dressed in a military uniform and even if that would have happened … We never deny service to anyone,” he said.

More than recollections, as owners say surveillance video shows no such denial.

FOX40 reached out to McKelvey to learn more about what she emailed but got no response.

Meanwhile, the Posh Bagel has gone on the offensive – posting signs in-store and around town, trying to set the record straight.

Customer Warren Johnston says he can’t imagine anyone at Posh Bagel discriminating against a service member.

Chris Donnelley feels the same.

“Yeah … I can never imagine that happening. That would be a shock if that happened here,” Donnelley said.

Still, what owners say is a falsehood dropped the shop’s normal 200 customer Monday down to 30.

“I have no words at all. It’s just people shouldn’t do that. It’s not right,” Zurita said.

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