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Many people go to the movies for the special effects and dialogue.

But what if you were deaf? Regal Entertainment Group has introduced glasses developed by Sony for the deaf and hearing impaired with closed captioning at the bottom that sync to the sound of the movie you’re watching.

Lois Diamond and Linda Cook are two of 38 million deaf or hearing impaired Americans.

Lois likes the glasses, she says any new technology is wonderful.

Regal theaters purchased them for about six thousand theaters nationwide, including Sacramento.

Lois said before visual aids like it, she wouldn’t go to the movies much.

Regal invested more than $10 million dollars into the glasses. Each one is about $1,750. They’re free for customers though.

Lois thinks Regal’s glasses are a step forward, but not perfect.

She says she noticed the captions appeared at the top of the screens, and didn’t like that.

Linda agrees the glasses are far from perfect. She says you have to learn how to use them, because if you move your head, they go all over the place.

But she says they work, which means more movies for her and more money for theaters like Regal.