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MODESTO — The Eddy family doesn’t take moments for granted, especially after Dave Eddy almost died earlier this year.

“I had what I thought was heartburn, and now since then I’ve learned it’s a sign of angina,” said Modesto resident Dave Eddy.

Eddy said he was walking to work March 11 on Sylvan Avenue when suddenly he went down.

“I don’t remember going down… All I remember was leaving my home with my dog, and that’s it,” Eddy said.

He said he doesn’t remember what happened after he went down, but his wife picked up the story from there.

“All of a sudden I heard Viviane, our dog, bark. And I thought that was odd because she was supposed to be with Dave,” Nan Eddy, Dave’s wife said.

Moments later, she said friends came by and took her to her husband, who was about a mile away from home. Dave had suffered a heart attack.

“All I remember saying was, ‘Oh my God. Like, this can’t be happening. This can’t be happening,’” Nan said.

With a crowd surrounding Dave, who was unconscious, there was one man working to save his life — Dave Konecny, who happened to be an off-duty deputy trained to perform CPR.

“I’ll tell you that’s… it’s very exhausting, but your adrenaline really kicks in,” said Konecny, a deputy with the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office.

Konecny said he performed chest compressions for 10 minutes in an effort to keep Dave alive.

While Koenecny is not often out in the field as a public information officer, he said he’s trained in CPR bi-annually. His work paid off, and Thursday the deputy received the Heartsaver Hero Award.

“CPR saves peoples lives,” Nan Eddy said.

But for Konecny, who is humbled by the gesture, he said the real gift is seeing the Eddy family together.

“Biggest deal about this whole thing is to see that family together. It’s a wonderful feeling that supersedes any any award,” he said.

The Eddy family said they call Konecny “Angel Dave,” and the families are now really good friends.

Doctors say it’s important to exercise, eat healthy and also know your family’s medical history in order to prevent a heart attack. And if you can’t differentiate between heart problems or heart burn, please visit your doctor