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The City of Sacramento, Yolo County, and now North Carolina are seeing a form of animal abuse with a distinct, gruesome signature.

“Very distinctive burn-marks.  Always across the back, usually the full length of the dog from the back of the head all the way down to the tail,” said Gina Knepp the Manager of Animal Care Services for the City of Sacramento. “Unfortunately, it appears the Pit Bull type of breed, or dog, is in every case we’ve seen. Those are the common denominators.”

So far, there are three cases locally. Two in the City limits of Sacramento, and a third just last week in the Clarksburg area of Yolo County.

“The area of Clarksburg and Babble Slough is not very far from Sacramento City. It’s only over the bridge,” said Vicky Fletcher, who is with Yolo County Animal Services.  “What does my gut tell me? There is somebody out there we need to find out about.”

The case is gaining some national exposure too. In the past month, three more cases have been discovered. All in a ten mile radius near Raleigh, North Carolina.

“It’s a mystery and we’d like to solve it,” said Knepp. “I think there is somebody out there who can say, hey we know what this is.”