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Sacramento City Animal Care Services confiscated 52 rabbits on Sunday from a property where they were being held in cruel conditions, according to House Rabbit Society, a rescue organization.

The city shelter is declining to comment at this time while officers work with the DA’s office to build a criminal case against the owner of the rabbits.

House Rabbit Society Director Anne Martin told FOX40 the rabbits were being raised for food in cramped cages, and were fed nothing but bread which is unhealthy for them.  Nine of them died while being kept outside on Saturday when temperatures around Sacramento reached 108 degrees, according to Martin.

FOX40 is attempting to locate the rabbits’ owner for comment.

The 52 surviving rabbits are now being cared for at the Sacramento City Shelter.  They will be impounded there for at least ten days.  That’s how long their owner has to appeal the confiscation.  After that, rescuers hope the rabbits will be adopted out to people who will care for them as pets.

House Rabbit Society is now raising money for the rabbits’ care.  More information is available here