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The Sleep Train Arena is where the Sacramento Kings normally hold court.

But from January 3 – 6 the roar of the crowd has been replaced by the roar of the dragon.

Dreamwork’s “How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular” has descended on the arena. It’s the largest and heaviest show the venue has ever had.

“There is a lot to keeping, maintaining and feeding a dragon,” said Amanda Maddock a lead puppeteer with Team Toothless, the main dragon of the story.

She said there are drivers, control teams, skins, engineers, lighting, puppeteers, and special effects.

The show may seem like a special break in the basketball line up, but the opposite is true.  Throughout the year there are about 120 different events compared to just over 40 basketball games.

January not only features dragons there are monster trucks, wrestling, concerts and more.

Each event brings an audience to keep the arena going all year, and dragons can draw a crowd.

“We sell some of the Viking helmets that light up in the concourse and those nights we get a really full house and the lights come down and there’s just these blinking hats throughout the arena,” said Maddock.

That’s revenue not just for the arena, but also the community.

Dreamwork’s “How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular” has one show on Friday, three on Saturday and two more on Sunday.