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It ain’t easy being green, especially for lawns during a drought.

That’s where lawn painters like David Bartlett come in. His business, Xtreme Green Grass will dye your lawn green in a time when homeowners must conserve water.

“People like nice yards, you know? They like to sit out front and have their coffee and tea and look at green grass,” Bartlett said. “It’s the American dream.”

Normally, business is a little slow for Bartlett.

“We would probably do 10 yards a month. Now, we’re triple that. We probably do one or two jobs every day,” he said.

The dye Bartlett sprays on lawns generally lasts around six months with regular mowing.

Some may think the idea of painting your grass green is silly, but West Sacramento Environmental Services Manager Paulina Benner doesn’t think so.

“It makes sense that people would do that,” Benner told FOX40.

Benner notes that there are also better options than dye, like fixing leaky spigots or planting drought-tolerant grass.

“[It’s] probably a little more attractive than spray painting your lawn, I would think,” Benner said.

Nicole Comstock filed this report.