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Colleen Harris, 70, is known in her community as a candidate in the El Dorado County Rose Pageant; and known to law enforcement as she faces her second murder accusation in the last 30 years.

Harris is accused of killing her third husband, Robert. Twenty-eight years ago, she was accused of killing her second husband.

“It’s the same property, it’s her husband, they’ve been having disputes. It’s almost a mirror image of what happened in 1985,” said Mountain Democrat reporter Cole Mayer.

Mayer was the first journalist to report on the similarities of the two murders.

Harris is in El Dorado County Jail facing murder charges, and is using her same lawyer she did in 1985.

The Mountain Democrat newspaper reports that Harris claimed her second husband, James, sexually assaulter her and her daughter. In that trial, a psychologist testified that Harris had amnesia and could not remember killing her husband.

Amy Henderson and Josh Baar contributed to this report.