Elderly Man Beaten With Own Cane, Robbed in Park Bathroom

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An elderly Stockton man was severely beaten with his own cane and then robbed in a Victory Park bathroom Sunday.

“He has broken bones in his face and he has cuts on top of his forehead,” said Gloria Uribe, Faustino Uribe’s daughter.

Faustino, 74, has facial injuries so bad that he wouldn’t show his face on camera.

“What’s worse? Not being able to live in peace? Or rest in peace? It just doesn’t make sense,” said Uribe.

Faustino has taken a walk in Victory Park every day for the past 15 years.

“He had his coffee so he had to go to the bathroom, that’s where he was attacked, in the bathroom,” Said Uribe.

Faustino was beaten with his own cane and robbed inside of the men’s bathroom at Victory Park in Stockton Sunday, and he barely made it out.

“I just don’t get it how could you be so cruel?” asked Uribe.

Faustino could not call for help during the attack. He had a stroke 20 years ago and lost his ability to speak.

“It took the hospital an hour to be able to figure out who he was and get a hold of us,” his daughter said.

A few hundred feet away is a memorial for Armando Pina, who was shot and killed for his gold chain in the same park. Two violent robberies on two senior citizens in one week and it’s not the first time Faustino was robbed in Victory Park. He had his wallet stolen back in 2005 but this, his daughter says, is the last time.

“I don’t think he wants to get out [and walk]. We told him he needs to walk around and said no,” said Uribe. “He needs it to exercise.”

A community meeting will be held Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 5 p.m. in the Haggin Museum. Stockton Police are urging community members to come up with solutions to prevent violence at Victory Park.

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