“A Clear Shot” Premieres at Esquire Theater in Downtown Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO — The largest hostage-rescue mission in U.S. history played out right here in Sacramento nearly three decades ago.

It’s also now the inspiration for a new movie that premieres at the Esquire Theater tomorrow.

The movie is called “A Clear Shot” and chronicles the developments during the nine-hour hostage situation that played out at the Good Guys Electronics store in South Sacramento in 1991 where six people died.

“And this was playing out on live television, which is not so rare today but 28 years ago it was rare,” said John McGuinness.

McGuinness was a patrol officer and was called to the chaotic scene that day.

He said it was determined rather quickly how big a threat the situation really was.

“When you look at the potential, when you had more than 40 people in that store that were absolutely under the control of young kids with no worldly wisdom, no judgement, no grasp whatsoever of what they were doing. But willing to kill,” McGuinness said.

Nick Leisure, director of “A Clear Shot” said, “it happened when I was in junior high school, and I happened to be a block away at a friend’s house. So, we saw it on the news and decided as kids to run over there and see what we could see from the parking lot.

Lesiure not only grew up in Sacramento but that day in 1991 stuck with him so much, he made it into a movie.

“It’s inspired by that true story, so it’s not meant to be a biopic. About 60% of the story is there, the rest is more Hollywood written,” Lesiure said.

Though the movie is set in Sacramento, it wasn’t filmed here.

Leisure said that he received very little local support and he was forced to shoot it all in Mexico.

“There were no incentives for us to stay here and do the film here, so we took the film to Rosarito, Baja, Mexico,” he said. “We got a lot more out of our money having them build Sacramento there: the buildings, the streets, the cop cars… things like that.”

And the hope is to also build a reputation that “A Clear Shot” is a movie to go see on the silver screen.


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