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SACRAMENTO — One “Antiques Roadshow” appraiser won’t have far to go when the long-running PBS program makes its way to Sacramento in May.

Antiques appraiser and auctioneer Brian Witherell has been a part of the roadshow for years and operates his business in midtown Sacramento, not far from where the show will set up shop at the Crocker Art Museum.

Witherell says it takes more than research to be able to set a value to the antiques on the show.

“Really, it’s the school of hard knocks. You got to touch it, feel it, sell it, get burned, have successes,” Witherell said.

He also does free appraisals at his offices every Tuesday.

He said appraisals in the current down market for antiques are often like going to the doctor.

“We give you the diagnosis that’s not what you want to hear,” Witherell said.

But he says most people who bring in their treasures are satisfied with knowing their true value.

Witherell also said appraisals are no guarantee of worth or marketability.

“You’re kind of like the weatherman. There’s no jail time if you’re wrong but … and it’s not a science,” Witherell joked.

He said there are always more ticket requests than spots available, no matter where the “Antiques Roadshow” events are held, and he expects the same for the May 13 event in Sacramento.

Ticket requests can be made at the “Antiques Roadshow” website, with a deadline for requests set for Feb. 11.