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Roseville — If you want entertainment this weekend, the Gold Rush Dance and Showcase on Ice skating competition will have plenty of it.

Though different from what the world recently watched at the Olympics, this is still a sanctioned U.S. Figure Skating event attracting more than 100 skaters from across the country.

“They’re not recreational,” said Earle Lowe of the Capital City Figure Skating Club. “These are skaters that are trying to improve their craft, trying to be the best they can be and they’re all working hard,” he said.

These skaters will be trying to reach out to the judges and express something to them.

“The skaters do show programs, light and dramatic,” said skating coach Jayne Throckmorton. “Light entertainment meaning fun and lively. Could be Broadway, could be entertaining, comedy maybe. And dramatic is something that brings upon an emotional feeling,” she said.

This will be the 18th consecutive year that Skatetown in Roseville has hosted the Gold Rush event. The competition is sponsored by the Capital City Figure Skating Club and Placer Valley Tourism which encompasses Roseville, Rocklin and Lincoln.

“You know, we don’t have a convention center and we don’t have an arena, but we have great smaller events with fantastic local organizations,” said Kim Summers of Placer Valley Tourism. “So when you start adding those up it starts to become great numbers,” she said.

And a great number of figure skaters too. More so than you probably imagine as but the sport as seen a local surge in part because of the Olympics but also because of events like the Gold Rush this weekend.

“It’s nice to see more skaters coming in the doors and enjoying it. It’s a wonderful sport,” said Throckmorton.