Idol Blog: Top 10 Take the Stage

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Wait – right out of the box the show is missing a judge!  Yes, missing a judge?  Where is Nicki Minaj…her chair is there, but she is not!  Apparently, she is stuck in traffic??  Wow…I don’t think that has ever happen.  Well, Mariah was late on taped how earlier this season.  What is going on?

On to the contestants…tonight they sing song from former Idols.  Little limited on the choices don’t you think…just teasing.  Here’s how I see it:

1. Curtis Finch Jr. – I think he started slow, but when he hits comfort zone he is great.  I still think he is the only guy that can challenge these girls.

2. Janelle Arthur – Her voice is beautiful, but I agree that song may not have fit.

3. Devin Velez – Pretty voice…just a little boring.  Could get lost in the shuffle.

4. Angie Miller – She is amazing…loved her voice tonight!  But she looks at the camera a little too much.

5. Paul Jolley – Why is he on the show?  Very average…don’t get it?

6. Candice Glover – Okay…this little lady is on another level…that was AMAZING!

7.  Lazaro Arbos – I admit I really like him…he’s so sweet.  This just wasn’t a good song for him, but I hope he survives.

8. Kree Harrison – She is effortless…definitely has a chance to challenge Candice.

9. Burnell Taylor – I better confess…I LOVED Ruben Studdard so this didn’t live up his performance.  He did good though.

10.  Amber Holcomb – No doubt she can sing, but felt like she rushed it?  Just don’t think she is quite as polished as the other girls.

I think a guy goes home tomorrow, but we’ll see?  Let’s just hope all the judges show up…on time!

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