Idol Blog: Top Seven Take on Rock

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It’s all about Rock and Roll tonight…supposedly no ballads.  That can prove to be great or a big old mess.  Right about now the boys are hanging on for dear life and the girls are running the show.  So, let’s see if the boys can make a stand tonight?  We will be suffering through duets again as well…they have to fill two hours you know. 
Here’s what I think:
1. Burnell Taylor – First off, Bon Jovi is always good in  my book, but it doesn’t fit his style at all.  He gave it a good try and I love his voice, but he is likely in trouble.
2.  Kree Harrison – The judges loved, but it wasn’t my favorite performance of hers, but she’s so good that it doesn’t matter.  She is safe. 
3.  Janelle Arthur – This girl impresses me more and more every week.  I think she’s going to be around for a while.
4. Lazaro Arbos – Not awful, but it’s probably time for him to go. 
5. Candice Glover – I really think she is on another level…her voice is amazing!! 
6. Amber Holcomb – Umm this is a ballad and Seacrest said no ballads?  She sang the heck out of it, but I still think she is the first girl that will go.  She just doesn’t connect with the audience. 
7.  Angie Miller – She’s back, after a rough week last week. 
The duet worth watching was Burnell and Candice…they killed it!  Mariah tried to prove she can still sing in the critique…little awkward.  So, as usual I think the boys are in trouble and probably Amber.  We’ll see tomorrow night?


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