Idol: Last Chance!

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It all comes down to tonight and the votes.  Two amazing singers will battle for the title of American Idol and I have no idea who will win!  Each girl will be singing three songs.  It is pretty cool that a female will finally win this thing again.  Weird that  Kree won the coin toss, but elected to go first?  Usually, they want to be the one to close the show out!  Oh well…the show is only an hour long, so this will go quickly!

Here’s how I heard it:

1. Kree Harrison – So pretty…that’s the Kree we all love!!!  Great start to the show!

2. Candice Glover – Another beautiful performance!

Round 1:  I would say it’s a draw…they both kept it chill and did a fantastic job.  Judges gave it to Candice.

3. Kree Harrison – Not bad…these songs are always so hard.

4. Candice Glover – Liked her song a little bit better…but these are hard to get into.

Round 2:  I would give this one to Candice…just cause the song was a little better.  The judges were split.

5. Kree Harrison – Amazing!!!  Great end to the show for her! She was back tonight…much better than the past couple weeks.

6. Candice Glover – OMG!!!  That could be the reason she is crowned American Idol tomorrow night!

Round 3:  Candice won that hands down!

Based on tonight…Candice Glover is your new American Idol!  However, Kree’s so popular that I won’t be surprised one bit if she pulls it out.  Proud of these girls…they killed it tonight!  Tomorrow night will be fun!

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