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One of the biggest phobias is public speaking… So why do stand-up comedians make a conscious decision to put themselves into this very vulnerable position?

A new documentary by filmmaker Leo A. Zuniga will follow people who have decided to take that scary plunge.

We will watch as they attend their first class at a Sacramento area comedy club and graduate: Which means doing their first ever comedy set at the legendary laughs unlimited comedy club.

Will they get laughs? Or will they totally bomb? How nervous will they be? And will they want to do it again? Included will be many interviews with local and national comedians, sharing about their very first ‘open mic’ experiences. And why they do what they do.

The documentary will conclude with brand new comedians performing their first ‘open mic’ comedy show at a “Laughs Unlimited” in Old Town Sacramento on Nov. 4. People have a chance to participate in the documentary by attending the comedy show Nov. 4.

Proceeds from the show go towards the making of our documentary.