Passenger takes over airport monitor for video game

A man traveling through Oregon’s Portland International Airport on Thursday was caught playing a video game on one of the airport’s video monitors. (Photo Courtesy: Stefan Dietz/@coyotetrips)

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A passenger waiting for a flight at an Oregon airport needed a bit more screen space for his video game so he plugged his Playstation 4 into a computer screen that had been displaying a map of the airport.

“I couldn’t believe it. You’ve got all these monitors there and he’s playing a video game,” said Stefan Dietz, who captured the moment and tweeted it. The gamer even appeared to be talking on a headset to other players, according to Dietz.

Kara Simonds, a spokeswoman for the Port of Portland, told KXL-AM radio in an on-air interview that Portland International Airport staff asked the man to stop gaming on the public map display.

He asked if he could finish his game. They said no, and the situation resolved peacefully.

“Apparently it was a very polite and cordial interaction,” Simonds said, calling it “a good reminder of what not to do at the airport.”

The game he appeared to be playing was the popular battle royale game Apex Legends.

No word on whether or not the passenger made it to the next level.


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