(KTXL) — There aren’t many movies, let alone in the horror film genre, that come to mind when thinking about the capital city of California, and that’s despite a surprising number of scary movies taking place in the state — though normally in fictional cities.

The movie that briefly mentions Sacramento is 2012’s Sinister, which is one of the scariest movies of all time according to a 2020 study.

In the film, Ethan Hawk portrays Ellison Oswalt, an author, husband, and father who is trying to recreate the success of a novel he wrote that made him famous years ago. To do this, he and his family move to a fictional town in Pennsylvania. There he plans on writing a new book based on a murder and missing person case that happened in the very house he moved into.

Early in the movie, he stumbles across a box that has a camera and Super 8 footage with disturbing murders that lead him to unravel a dark mystery that kicks off all the scares throughout the film.

It is later revealed that all of the murder victims died after moving out of the previous murder victim’s house. In one incident, a family died in an arson attack in their new Sacramento home.

Viewers get a glimpse of the violent killing, but there is no clear indication of where the home is located in Sacramento. It’s a brief moment that can be missed with a single blink. But for Sacramento movie lovers, the city simply being named, can be exciting.

Director Scott Derrickson manages to tell a creepy new tale with some seriously unsettling moments throughout. Derrickson is best known for directing Doctor Strange and most recently The Black Phone which also features Ethan Hawke.

Sinister had a middle-of-the-road reception from critics but received higher praise from movie watchers as seen through IMDB user reviews.

If you are looking to watch horror movies throughout the month of October or Halloween, look no further than Sinister.