State Fair Attractions: Goat Mountain, Splash Dogs and Horseback Aerobatics

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CAL EXPO — It’s good to be king of the mountain – any mountain. But the Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf breeds are king here at Goat Mountain. It’s back by the Big Barn at the California State Fair and the life here is good. “They’re really cute,” said 7-year-old Semaiah Mayberry as she clutched a stuffed animal she won on the midway – one bigger than some of the baby goats in the brand new exhibit. Cuddly as a stuffed animal, but animated in every way, the four-footed phenoms are inspiring stares and Snapchat stories like a boy band. So why does  Semaiah’s older sister want a goat… at home? “‘Cause they start off so small …. fun to play with,” said Yasmine. Her plan is to keep a baby goat in her room – along with a pig. You’ve probably guessed her parents have no real plans to let one of the goats take up residence at their North Highlands home. But here’s something you may not know about goats… “A lot of people don’t think that all goats have beards…so they get really surprised when they see this short, stout, little girl goat and she’s got a beard thick enough that it hits the ground,” said Jennifer Alan, who tends to the animals in the exhibit. One of the benefits of working in tv news is that sometimes you get to do what everybody on the outside of the fence wants to do… here at Goat mountain hold the goats. I got to cuddle Tony! With so many so satisfied to just look, I’m beginning to understand why the best in any given industry – the greatest of all time – is called the GOAT.


Check out the video below to see more of the out-of-the-box attractions like Splash Dogs and the horseback acrobatics performers!


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