Fallout continues for Lost in Riddim festival after troubled first day


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A two-day music festival in downtown Sacramento came to a close Sunday evening but not after people who attended Saturday night expressed frustration and anger over the lack of preparation.

People who attended the first day of the Lost in Riddim Festival in the Railyards District recalled several issues: not enough security, having to wait more than two hours to get food, not enough available drinking water — even what festivalgoers called a stampede after people heard a loud bang.

“Ninety-degree heat, yet stands running out of water,” said Nathan Mizell, who dished out $150 for the two-day event.

Some festival-goers said a girl was sleeping on the ground and was trampled during the panic.

“Rumor is someone had a gun,” Mizell said.

Sacramento police told FOX40 that although officers saw many people running away, they had not found anyone with a gun.

“I have been to other places that have a done a better job, more prepared,” Mizell said. “This just wasn’t it.”

After the stampede, Mizell said the festival won’t be getting his money again.

“What was most striking was, nothing was said about what happened; it was as if the party just kept going,” Mizell said. “As if that wasn’t really a weird or possibly dangerous occurrence.”

Many people told FOX40 they were still frustrated because the festival organizers still didn’t acknowledge the shortcoming until Sunday afternoon.

“I have been in music festivals and concerts. It’s more of a rave environment; people are pushing and shoving — but this was not that,” Mizell said. “This was folks falling back, losing their stuff, getting hurt and nothing was said about and that is what disturbed me.”

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