Family of Man Killed by Police Release Graphic Dash Cam Video

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The family of a man killed by a Manteca police officer wants to give the public a chance to decide for itself whether or not the shooting was justified by releasing “dash cam” video of the incident.

The video shows Officer John Moody with his gun drawn, commanding Ernest Duenez Jr. to not move.

A report issued this week by the San Joaquin County District Attorney rules the shooting justified. It says the officer was aware that Duenez was a Parolee at Large, armed with a throwing knife.

The DA cites video experts saying a knife is visible upon close inspection.

Members of the Duenez family don’t see a weapon in Ernest’s hands when they watch the video or any sign of Ernest threatening the officer.

“There’s nothing showing this officer, this trained officer, was threatened,” said Duenez’s mother, Rosemary.

Citing a lawsuit pending against them, the City of Manteca and the police department would not comment.

Attorneys representing the family hope, by releasing the “dash cam” video, federal investigators will be implored to do their own analysis.

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