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Family and members of the Sikh community asked for answers at Wednesday night’s City Council meeting, among dozens of Sikhs who traveled from Fresno in solidarity, three months after Lodi police shot and killed Parminder Shergill.

Earlier this week, Lodi police released the 911 tapes of the shooting.

The family had called officers for help that day, to get Shergill to a hospital. They say he battled PTSD.

But police said the Gulf War veteran turned on them, leaving them with no other choice, but to shoot.

After firing 14 rounds, Shergill was dead.

“We did not ask for them to come and shoot him,” his sister Kulbinder Sohota said. “That was a nightmare for us. We wish we never called.”

“We’re hoping to get improved training for police officers, those dealing with health and mental illness,” said Palvinder Kaur, of Jakara Movement’s Fresno chapter.

Council and the police chief didn’t respond during the meeting because the speakers weren’t on the agenda.

The Sikh group hopes to be placed on the next council meeting, so officials can speak, and perhaps, answer their questions surrounding the fatal shooting.

Police Continue Investigation into Veteran’s Shooting Death