Federal Emergency Order Will Demystify Potential Threats in a Rail Crash

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Communities Concerned Over Crude Oil Train PlanSACRAMENTO-

When it comes to worries about highly flammable crude riding the rails, it seems the U.S. Department of Transportation is listening in to what’s happening in the California legislature.

Thursday, through an emergency order, the U.S. Transportation secretary told rail carriers that if they’re moving at least one million gallons of Bakken crude through a particular area, they have to notify local emergency crews about the shipments.

Oil from the Bakken fields has been the spark in several recent explosions and has had police and fire crews in our region very concerned about expanding crude operations.

The notification order parallels a bill being pushed by state Assemblyman Roger Dickinson.

FOX40 caught up with him by phone while he was traveling in Los Angeles.

“Until and unless we know that the federal direction is as far reaching as what we have proposed and is permanent, there’s still the need to carry on with our legislation in California to make sure the people of our state and community are protected,” he said.

Right now crews that could be called to a railroad crash involving Bakken crude would have no idea that was part of the threat they were up against in an explosion.

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