Federal Employee in Custody on Child Pornography Charges

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A criminal complaint alleges a federal employee sexually exploited a minor and possessed child pornography.

Worse yet, investigators say some of those charges were committed against his own foster children.

It began with a thumb drive filled with child porn.

Homeland security found it in Eric Worrell’s office at 650 Capitol Mall.

They say it belonged to 56-year-old employee of the Federal Highway Administration.

Thursday, agents searched Worrell’s home on Dusty Rose Way in Rancho Cordova, where they say he pointed out hidden cameras he used to film his two foster children in the bathroom.

Parents in the neighborhood are all shocked.

Many families with children live nearby, and there’s a playground less than 1,000 feet from Worrell’s home.

“Well it’s horrifying because all of our neighbors around here have been such nice people,” Linnea Fitch said.

“A lot of times people that are accused of things like this, you would never expect them to be accused of things like this,” criminal defense attorney Alin Cintean said.

Cintean also works on Capitol Mall, two blocks from the Federal Building.

He says the charges against Worrell are very serious.

“There are people who will break down and write an apology letter to get it off their chest,” said Cintean.

That appears to be exactly what Worrell did.

The criminal complaint includes a letter he allegedly wrote to his wife and foster children.

In it he says:

“My original intentions recently of posing as an internet creep to see if you allowed me to friend you some day, long morphed into actually being aroused by some of what I downloaded.

“It looks very bad to federal agents. Please don’t believe I would have harmed you intentionally.”

“For the prosecution that simply makes the case, strengthens the case,” Cintean said.

“If he is found guilty I hope he is punished for that, because crimes against children are some of the worse things you can do,” said Smith.

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