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SACRAMENTO — With the Golden 1 Center opening up soon, the city has launched a campaign to make sure Kings and music fans know where to park and how to get to the game or concert without a car.

The City of Sacramento is doing what it can to answer the question: “How is everyone to get downtown?”

To do that it is pushing the public to the arena tab on its website.

“This is really trying to get people to plan ahead,” said Matt Eierman, the City of Sacramento’s Parking Manager.

Eierman said the test run the city had this weekend with season ticket holders coming to Golden 1 left most of it’s garages at 30% capacity. He said if people reserve their spots and plan ahead it’ll not only save them money, it’ll save them time.

“We don’t want you to spend 20, 30 minutes driving around looking for a parking space,” Eierman said.

Regional Transit is also getting ready adding six more trains during events at the Golden 1 Center.

“And up to an hour after an event we’ll have a train going in every direction,” said Norm Leong, the Vice President of Safety and Security for Regional Transit.

To encourage people taking light rail, Leong said Regional Transit service will be free October 1 for the Kings Fan Fest and on October 27 for the first game of the season. With the crowds, RT is beefing up security as well.

“Over 20 more guards on our system, we’re going to have transit agents on all our trains and we’re going to have additional police officers above and beyond our normal staffing,” Leong said.

The city said bicycle valet will be an option at Chesar Chavez Plaza for some events.

Yolo Bus has also added service from West Sacramento to downtown.

But if public transit isn’t your style, Newmann Limo and Valet Service is also staffing up for Golden 1 Center games and events.

“We’ve got the TV, the (DVD player), the liquor. You know you got a little on board ice chest. You got the pleasure of having a good time and letting someone else drive for you,” said John Newmann, Owner of Newmann Limo and Valet Service.

While it’ll cost a little more than a taxi, Uber or Lyft, if you can convince your friends to go in on the limo, Newmann said it could make financial sense.

“If you put 8 or 10 people in one of the cars, you got first class, you can have a little bit of fun when you’re in the back of it obviously, so it’s going to be cost efficient, know what I mean?” Newmann told FOX40.