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Nina Holford’s home sits right next to where a two-acre fire burned, coming dangerously close to several homes in the glen cove neighborhood, along Interstate 780.

“By the time I picked up the phone, called 911 and told her where it was, then you could just see the fire,”  Holford said. “It was up to the fence. straight up to the line. so, we set out with our own water hose, trying to water the fire back to make sure it didn’t come straight to our house.”

“I didn’t want to see all these houses burn down,” said 12-year-old neighbor Mia Jackson.

Neither did firefighters, who worked furiously to get it contained within just about 15 minutes. The exact cause of the fire is still unknown.

Still too close for comfort for those near the fire.

The neighborhood’s proximity to wild brush is the reason firefighters in years past, have done control burns in the area, to lessen the threat of fires.

Residents know how close a call this could’ve been.

“Really lucky. Thankful for Vallejo Fire Department,” Holford added.