Five Davis Tow Employees Arrested for Auto Theft, Conspiracy

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY — Five employees at Davis Tow Incorporated, a Sacramento County-based business, have been arrested on multiple charges related to unlawful towing and business practices.

The blue signs could be seen in all around North Natomas, at apartments and shopping centers.

Agabie Emmanuilove said he wasn’t in the wrong when his cars got towed by Davis Tow.

“The cars disappeared,” Emmanuilove said. “I was parked legally.”

The worst part for Emmanuilove was the steep price tag to get his cars back.

“They gave me a bill — $2,000 for one day. And I had no other choice [but] to pay,” Emmanuilove said.

The CHP said there were hundreds of others in the same situation. Their complaints sparked a two-year investigation into Davis Tow.

“When we received multiple calls the investigation began, and that’s when we found out that these vehicles were taken illegally without authority and they were being held for long periods of time before it was properly notified,” said CHP Officer Guillermo Garcia.

Davis Tow profited at least $100,000 dollars through fees from illegally towing and storing vehicles. Investigators say the company also often profited from lein sales on the vehicles.

It all came to an end Thursday.

Eli Brown, who works near Davis Tow, watched as officers served search and arrest warrants. “There was like five people sitting on the floor handcuffed,” Brown said.

Arrested were Davis Tow’s three owners, Scott Davis, Christopher Davis and Leslie McKenzie, and two employees, Andrew Harless and Erik Dyer.
All five are now facing 29 counts of auto theft and one count of conspiracy to commit a crime.

Brown said he always had a bad feeling about the business.

“There was a lot of angry people walking around throughout the past couple months pissed off about something,” Brown told FOX40.

Now the tow trucks are gone and the vehicles in the back lot have CHP markers on them. No one was there when FOX40 knocked Friday afternoon, as the company’s leaders sat behind bars.

Each employee is being held on a $1 million bail.

CHP wants to hear from you if you believe you may have been victimized by Davis Tow.

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