Former Prison Transport Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting Inmates

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MANTECA — A former prison transport driver is accused of sexually assaulting more than a dozen female inmates while driving them between prisons across the country.

An FBI agent testified Wednesday in federal court in Arkansas that he thinks the number of alleged victims could be over 100.

The driver, identified as Eric Kindley, lived in Manteca until his arrest last June.

Thursday’s hearing was focused on what allegedly happened with one woman when Kindley was driving her from Alabama to Arizona in a 2009.

According to court records, the owner of Special Operations Group 6 pulled over on a deserted road in Russellville, Arkansas in the middle of the night in January of 2017, so a female prisoner could urinate outside.

While he had one of that 27-year-old’s hands uncuffed, Kindley is accused of throwing her against his van and reaching down into her underwear, tearing fabric in the process.

He’s also accused of demanding she perform a sex act on him, stopping only when her screams scared animals in the area, pushing her back into the van and threatening her with a gun.

Too fearful to report the incident right away, the allegations were eventually passed on to jail staff in Arizona when this inmate met up with another who said Kindley had attacked her as well.

Other allegations point to the forcible penetration of a female prisoner headed from California to Arizona last year for an outstanding DUI warrant, as well as forcing that same prisoner to perform oral sex on him — all while handcuffed and shackled.

Kindley’s 15-year-old company has had trouble in the past, with employee Albert Long pleading guilty to having sex with an arrestee in 2010.

In 2014, employee William Cassidy pled guilty to fraud, after transporting prisoners as a felon.

FOX40 spoke with a former female driver hired by Kindley on Wednesday. She did not want to be recorded, but said off-camera that Kindley tried to get into her bed during a work trip and that all of his business practices were shady.


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