Four Fires in Four Days Strike Concern in Firefighters, Locals

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Not every wildfire is a natural fire.

“If someone’s getting a big kick out of doing this, it’s not funny. It’s hurtful to people,” said Connie Gill, who lives near the El Manto river access in Rancho Cordova.

After four fires in four days in the American River Parkway, three of those in the El Manto river access, firefighters Saturday night were getting a creepy feeling.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody’s actually watching us right now in the bushes, and that’s their thrill. It’s kind of a sick individual that’s doing that,” said Sacramento Metro Fire Battalion Chief Charles Jenkins.

Despite the hard work and back-burns by fire fighters in El Manto Saturday night, as we were reporting Sunday afternoon the blaze flared back up.

We called 9-1-1.

While that secondary fire may not be what an arsonist planned, the danger there is as close as the homes nearby. Homes like Connie Gill’s.

“My Dad had a mini-stroke last night because of all the tension. And so what they’re doing is really wrong,” Gill said.

And really dangerous, not just for Gill and her family, but for everyone throughout the area.

“Engines and trucks and grass rigs from that area, they’re on this fire. Now if someone needs help somewhere else, we’ve got to pull resources from a little farther away. So it jeopardizes the entire community when someone’s out here starting fires,” said Captain Michelle Eidam.


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