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ROSEVILLE — The mission Monday evening for Kashton, Hope, Makenna and Logan was to locate missing woman Glenneta Belford.

The 97-year-old lives in Roseville near the kids but suffers from dementia and is known to hide.

Roseville police made the call for help.

“Got the assistance from the Sacramento Police Department who brought in their helicopter. They started to make loudspeaker announcements,” said Roseville Police Department spokesman Rob Baquera.

After hearing the announcements from the helicopter, the small sleuths were on the move.

Their search was soon derailed when Logan went down a path on a hill.

“The second bump flew me in the air and I fell off my bike,” Logan told FOX40. “So we came all the way back and my brother patched me up.”

On the mend and unfazed, the four heroes set out for round two. This time, the break they were looking for was a few blocks from their homes and that’s where they saw her.

“She was right here and she was walking and she was talking to herself. And then when we came, she said, ‘No, no, no. Go away, go away, go away,'” Kashton said.

As the eldest of the group at a very mature 11 years old, Hope knew what to do next.

“I called 911 and I said that I found this missing woman,” she recalled.

Within seconds, Roseville officers were on the scene and the junior detectives had saved the day.

Logan’s mother, Alyssa Hultman, had one question for her son: Why did you help in the search? She said she will never forget his answer.

“He looked at me like I was almost crazy and said, ‘Because somebody needed help, mom. And when people need help you go and help them. That’s what we do,’” Hultman said. “So that right there, that … makes you proud.”