(KTXL) — Users of the FOX40 app who want to get breaking news and weather alerts on their phones can now customize the types of alerts that they receive.

Those who download the app for the first time will be given the option to receive breaking news push alerts upon opening the app.

The default setting is to receive push alerts.

The second prompt to appear is the “Be Weather Ready” page. Weather alerts are set to be received by default; users will just need to enter their zip code or allow their location to be shared.

Users who want to further customize the alerts can follow the instructions below to change alert options.

To access the alert options, app users must first tap on the three-line menu icon, known as the “hamburger button,” in the top-left corner of the app’s home screen. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the slide-out menu and tap on settings.

The next settings menu will allow users to toggle Topic Notifications, which only manages the breaking news alert currently. The slider button icon will be gray if topic notifications are turned off. Tap the slider button to turn them on, which will turn on breaking news alerts.

Below that area is the Weather Alerts section, which is where users can turn on weather alerts and customize which ones to receive. Again, the slider button will be gray if they are turned off. Turning on Weather Alerts will turn on the four alerts below it.

Users can choose to only receive one type of alert or a mix of the alerts: National Weather Service alerts, precipitation alerts, lightning alerts and start-stop precipitation alerts.

Users can also choose to display temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius.