Future of Sacramento’s Downtown Plaza as a Mall in Question

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Westfield’s Downtown Plaza was slowly going under. But new hope came when the highly successful investment company, JMA Ventures, bought the six retail blocks of the plaza.

“We have a partner that has capital, has a commitment, understands northern California, they are based in San Francisco, they have some major assets up in Lake Tahoe. The first thing they did, and was smart, they sat down and they talked to tenants; they changed light bulbs, they put on a coat of paint, they talked about security issues,” said Mayor Kevin Johnson last year.

With many of the stores closing, and now The Gap, too, the ultimate destiny of the Downtown Plaza is still in question. It could stay as a revamped shopping center, or maybe even become a new arena. But the folks I spoke with have some pretty strong feelings as to what they would like to see happen.

What do you think should happen to the mall?  “I think it should stay a mall, I mean I love this mall, I love the theater right here,” one shopper told FOX40.

“Employees around here that would be losing their jobs if they did something different. So, I say keep it as the mall,” another shopper said.

“Bring a variety of shops in, versus clothing. Something else. Bring in, maybe, more dining and things like that, versus an arena that’s just for sports and things like that,” said another.

Report filed by James Myers


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