Glitch in Routine Check Causes Delays, Missed Flights at Sacramento International Airport

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SACRAMENTO -- Travelers at the Sacramento International Airport had to endure long lines Thursday morning but not for the reason one might think.

FOX40 originally showed up to the airport to see how Hurricane Michael would be affecting flights, but it turns out, that wasn't the biggest problem travelers had to face.

A routine test at 3:00 a.m. caused a glitch in the power system.

"We did a monthly test of our backup power and as a result of that, we had some issues with the ticketing areas. Airlines weren't able to print boarding passes," Sacramento County Department of Airports Communication and Media Officer Samantha Mott explained.

The power outage also affected machines in the parking areas.

As airport employees worked to get their computers back up and running, lines stretched out the door and Terminal A became packed with people.

"I knew we were going to miss our plane because I've never seen it this busy," Greg Ross said.

Ross drove down from Redding to fly out to Cancun but his vacation plans hit a snag as soon as he got to the airport.

"I don't know, it's going to take even longer now because a lot of people are going to be missing their flights and it's going to slow down the lines trying to reschedule people on different flights," Ross said.

Airline employees moved people with earlier flights to the front of the line and planes waited for passengers stuck in the crowd.

By 6 a.m., things started looking normal again.

"Everything is back and running right now as it normally would, but there were certainly some inconveniences and delays to our passengers. We really apologize about that. We are investigating to find out exactly what happened, to fix the problem, prevent it from happening again," Mott said.

As far as Hurricane Michael-related delays, there was only one major delay. A flight from Sacramento to Houston was delayed by about 12 hours.


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