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Critics are howling over the California Lobbyist who walks Governor Jerry Brown’s dog on occasion. Some say the hand that holds the leash for corgi Sutter Brown also may have a hand in guiding state policy with the dog’s master.

One thing that isn’t up for debate however is Jennifer Fearing’s effectiveness on animal rights issues. She was a perfect 6 for 6 this past legislative season in getting bills signed by Governor Brown. So, naturally, her critics argue she is being granted an unfair advantage.

“Anyone who thinks walking a dog, any dog — even the Governor’s dog — is the ticket to making a new law in California has got a lot to learn about how Sacramento works,” said Fearing.

Fearing has devoted more than half her life to saving animals. She is the Senior State Director for the Humane Society, as well as a volunteer foster with the City of Sacramento. But it’s her relationship with cuddly corgi Sutter Brown that is leading to questions at the Capitol.

“I would describe my relationship with the governor as a formal one,” explained Fearing. “I don’t mix the pleasure of walking Sutter with the business of legislation. I really respect that line. I think it’s the appropriate one. Sometimes things just are what they are, even in politic, they are just a nice thing.”

FOX40 Political Analyst Gary Dietrich had this to say when asked if there is a conflict of interest with such a close relationship between a Lobbyist and a Governor.

“Is it buying favors?” asked Dietrich. “Well, it’s hard to place a value on dog watching. I mean, she’s not a professional pet watcher by trade apparently, so the question in some peoples mind is going to be, ‘then why do it?’”

“I have never, ever spoke with the governor or Ann about a piece of pending legislation,” said Fearing. “Not ever!”