Gun Bills Signed into Law Include Lead Ammo Ban for Hunting

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It’s got the name of convenience store, and hunters say it’s taking aim at their way of life.

Signed Friday by Governor Jerry Brown, it bans lead ammunition for hunting. It was written by Anthony Rendon as a public health bill.

“We’ve taken lead out of children’s toys, we’ve taken lead out of cooking utensils and we’ve taken lead out of our water pipes. To address public health concerns, we’re taking lead out of hunting ammunition,”Rendon said.

But, it’s a shot to the heart of their hobby.

“This bill over the next five years will end hunting in California as we know it. No matter how the governor tries to candy coat, no matter how the government officials try to candy coat it, the fact is it will ban hunting in California,” said Sam Paredes of Gun Owners of California

Paredes says the California lead ammo ban—combined with a federal ban on armor piercing ammo –leaves hunters with no options.

“There’s no altruism here, there’s no animal safety. They want to ban hunting and they’re taking the first major step to accomplish that in California,” Paredes said.

It’s a point Rendon disputes, saying there are two dozen types of unleaded ammo available in the golden state.

“The ATF has never in all that time, since 1968, for 45 years, the ATF banned unleaded ammunition. They could’ve done that at any moment over the last 45 years claiming that non-leaded ammunition is in fact armor piercing. They haven’t done it, there’s no reason to believe they will do it,” said Rendon.

Despite today’s signature, the bill doesn’t take full effect until July 2019, and Rendon says it can be easily repealed if the feds change their mind.

“If indeed the ATF does link non-leaded ammo to the armor piercing bullet ban, then 7-11 will take a hiatus until that’s resolved,” Rendon said.

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