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Parents at Morada Middle School are calling for an eighth grade gym teacher to be fired after allegedly taking it upon himself to teach sexual education without parents’ permission.

One mom, who wished to stay anonymous for her daughter’s sake, says the sex education talk went beyond education it was flat out inappropriate.

“Come to find out, he also told the class when he got his first boner, which was very inappropriate, which is what made my daughter really uncomfortable,” the woman said. “That is not something she wanted to hear.”

The Lodi Unified School District says the teacher has been placed on administrative leave, but parents want more done.

“I’m furious. I want him fired. At this point, I think his whole background needs to be looked into,” the angry mother said.

Another mom, whose daughter is also in the teacher’s P.E. class says this isn’t the first problem she has had with that teacher, saying he’s unfair to heavier students.

Most of the parents who spoke with FOX40 Wednesday said they support sex education in the classroom, just not the way this teacher went about it.

“It’s shocking, really. I mean that is something they should really be sending paperwork home to the parents,” parent Rodger Marable said.