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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — You may not hit as good as the players on the PGA tour, but you can definitely take advantage of the same state-of-the-art technology used today to bring viewers closer to the game than ever before.

That same technology is now available for you to take advantage of at the Haggin Oaks Golf Performance Center in Sacramento.

“It’s the same cameras, it’s the same technology and so it’s extremely accurate and giving you real data,” said Mike Woods, Head Professional at the center.

It’s called Toptracer, and not only has it changed how we watch golf on TV, it’s transformed how we practice golf at the driving range.

“I love it, man — it’s great,” said golfer Drew Boyce. “You used to have to go get a lesson, or know someone with a GCQuad or something like that, which is a shot-tracer to get your numbers.”

Toptracer changes all of that.

“And now, I can just come out here, get a bucket of balls and actually see my distance, my carry, my launch and actually kind of work more scientifically on what I’m doing,” Boyce said.

Haggin Oaks is the only driving range in the Sacramento region to feature Toptracer. The golf course leased the equipment and had it installed this past June. Every one of the stations has the Toptracer technology and its own monitor to view it.

“Really, all of our customers are trying to get used to it and figuring out how all this technology works,” Woods said. “The learning curve is really small. You do it one time and you feel like, OK, I got it. I know how it works now.”

Boyce said the technology is an equalizer for regular players.

“Golf’s kind of an upper-crust sport, right? But now it’s like you can actually get some good progress just coming to the range and using the technology, opposed to pay for a lesson,” Boyce said.

The other big advantage Toptracer affords golfers is that they can actually take their data home by pairing it with their cellphone and studying it over time.

“When you go home, now you can look at how far you hit your average 7-iron,” Woods said. “Do you miss your driver more left, or more right? How far do you carry your driver, how far does it roll? All the data is recorded and you can study it to help you improve.”

“I’ve been playing this game since I was a little kid, but this is just a little frosting on the cake,” Boyce said.

You can also play some of the famed golf courses on Toptracer, like Pebble Beach, or Saint Andrews. Another added bonus to the system at Haggin Oaks.