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Parents and bar patrons sharing the same parking lot.  That’s the fear along Riverside Boulevard now that construction has started on a new school, right next to The Trap.

And you might be surprised at who is upset the most.

The Trap had been the only thing at the corner of Riverside and 43rd Street for about 30 years.  In fact, the 153-year-old building is a historical landmark.  But now half the land that it sits on, and the 5 acres adjacent to the bar is owned by the President of Brookfield School, a private, for profit K-through-8 school in Land Park.  And he says a new 30,000 square foot facility will be built there.

“My fear is we are going to be bullied out of our spot,” said Veronica Crudo, who owns the bar along with her brother and two sisters.  “Somewhere down the line I’m afraid it’s going to hurt business.”

Long time bar patrons agree.

“It’s kind of too bad because I think it’s going to interfere with the parking, and I think it’s just going to be very difficult for the bar to maintain its current clientele and its current volume of traffic,” said Patrick, a regular at The Trap.

Still, others who live in the area are glad to see the land developed.

“I say hey, it’s about time they build something here,” said Ryan Conner.  “Whether it is a school, a public building or a library.”