‘Homeward Street Journal’ Serves Sacramento’s Homeless

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In a world where information is everywhere, there’s a news outlet in Sacramento that sticks to the basics.

The editors call the Homeward Street Journal a voice for the people; for anyone without a home. It’s a labor of love by volunteers like Cathleen Williams.

“We dont regard homeless people as a special tribe. They’re really those people experiencing a very dire form of poverty,” said co-editor and writer, Cathleen Williams.

For almost 20 years, the non-profit newspaper has been churning out issues from a tiny office in Friendship Park.

“I was writing for the paper while I was homeless,” said writer Paula Lomazzi. Lomazzi has been there from the beginning. Now she’s helping others get off the streets and get connected.

Cheryl Childers is one of many homeless distributors who sells homeward in Sacramento County for one dollar.

FOX40 was there as she made a sale.

“This paper makes a lot of sense to everyone out here. Keeps money in our pocket,” Childers said.

On this day, the dollar might mean a shower, a warm meal, maybe a bed.

As she walked, she explained how the paper gave her a purpose…

“I Came out of a bad relationship and I came into this to save myself,” Childers said.

The words connect her to those in her struggle and those who sympathize with it.

“The poetries, the stories about whats going on out here. Because its hard out here,” said Childers.

For the writers, it’s a few hours of work for a few pages, acknowledging important issues. All while giving back to people on the streets who are working towards better days.

The non-profit, Sacramento Homeless Organizing committee prints the paper every two months. Editors are trying to attract more writers.

For more information on “Homeward,” click here.

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