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Lynn Countryman has been in the spotlight because of her horses; some neighbors accuse her of neglecting them and now, Sacramento County Animal Control reveals she is also in trouble for having too many dogs on her property.

Just like the horses, Countryman was selling the dogs online. Allen Krugman says he found his dog on Craigslist and purchased it in early April for $240, but it wasn’t the only dog for sale.

“She had two bull terriers that were in a separate yard. She said she wanted [$1,000] without papers,” Krugman said.

Krugman also worried about an eye injury to his dog, and its health.

“You could see her ribs. We fattened her up since we had her nine days,” Krugman said.

Animal Control cited Countryman for having eight too many unlicensed dogs on her property and for having an illegal kennel. Countryman has until May 3 to come into compliance with the law and reduce her dog and horse numbers.

“I drive by here four or five times a day. It’s frustrating that we haven’t been able to do anything,” neighbor Diane Perrigo said.

Neighbors can’t believe Animal Control hasn’t taken all the animals off the property. The agency says they have proven that while there are emaciated horses on the property, their condition wasn’t caused by Countryman.

The horses were apparently given to her in that condition from people who could no longer care for them. Countryman says she has been working to rehab her horses and cooperating with Animal Control.

Countryman, who is distraught over the complaints, refused to speak to us on camera but provided us with several receipts proving she was purchasing thousands of dollars a month worth of food for the horses. She also gave FOX40 before and after photos, showing how the horses arrived and what they looked like when she sold them.

This investigation is still on going. Animal Control told us it’s keeping a close eye on Countryman and her animals. They have cataloged the health of all the animals and say if she was endangering them, they would have come in the confiscated all of them immediately.