Internet Helps Rocklin Couple Realize Dream of Growing Family

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Kim and Kevin Finnegan have been trying to expand their family for years. They already have one child, but the last two times Kim has been pregnant, the couple has walked out of the hospital with heartbreak.

“It was almost like we did the walk of shame. When we walked to our car, we didn’t have a baby,” said Kim.

They turned to surrogacy to have another child that’s biologically their own.

“It truly means everything to us. It’s really means the world to us,” said Kim.

Kim says surrogacy can sometimes cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That’s when her four sisters and best friend all stepped up to be potential surrogates.

“I see her with my children. My children actually call her mom. As they were growing up, this was mom, their second mom. I know she’s going to love them and care for them just like she does with my children,” said younger sister Monica English.

It’s a gift that drops the cost of the procedure to under $20,000.

But that’s still too much money for the Finnegans.

It takes a village to raise a child, and in Kim and Kevin’s case it will take a village to raise money for one. In their case, a virtual village called “GoFundMe.”

“It’s given us hope,” said Kim.

The website allows you to tell your story, and then set a price for how much money you need to reach any type of goal.

“Putting it out there for everyone to see was kind of scary,” said Kim.

Scary, because even though close family and friends can see the page and give, so can strangers.

Kim and Kevin have raised more than $4,000 out of the $17,000 they need.

“The first day, we hit almost $1,000. It happens really fast,” said Kim.

It’s momentum that the couple hopes will add another member to the Finnegan family.

But until that happens, Kim and Kevin can feel good about the world their future child is coming into.

“It’s nice to know that humanity is still good out there, there are people who actually still do care,” said Kim.

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