Investigators Look Into Past of Leila Fowler’s Brother

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The family of 12-year-old Isiah Fowler walked into court on Wednesday, as their son faced charges of killing their 8-year-old daughter, Leila.

One thing is certain – the family isn’t walking away from their son. They say he’s innocent.

But on the same day he was charged with murder, Calaveras County homicide detectives confirm that they’re investigating reports of alleged animal mutilations at the hands of the boy.

“‘If he did, this changes the whole equation,” Dr. Mike Duveneck, a clinical psychology professor at Sacramento State, told FOX40.

Duveneck says behavior in some children like bullying or vandalism can lead to worse.

“They often graduate as they get older to sociopathic kind of behavior, where they do high crime, high profile, very vicious kind of crimes,” he said.

Two weeks to the day Leila was stabbed to death in the bedroom of her home, officers arrested her 12-year-old brother for the killing.

Sources close to the case told FOX40 they found Isiah’s blood and finger prints at the crime scene.

Now, detectives are looking into reports of alleged animal killings.

Duveneck says if the findings turn out to be legitimate, it would solidify the prosecutors’ case against the boy.

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