Investigators Looking into Arson as Possible Cause of Clover Fire

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As you head down Small Farms Road in Igo, the power and random nature of the Clover Fire becomes apparent. Some homes have been reduced to a single chimney, while others stand relatively unscathed.

“I’ll get the mess cleaned up and I’ll start over,” said Pat Glanzer, whose home survived.

On Cloverdale Road, Cindy Gould’s home and her father’s home are gone. Nothing left but the views and twisted metal.

“It’s amazing the little trinkets that you find that have survived that you can hang on to … This is a kitty that my daughter’s half-sister wanted to buy for her and it survived,” Gould said.

And now, confirmation that this fire that scorched 8,000 acres and turned 30-plus homes to ash may not have been an accident.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s office confirms to FOX40 there were at least two ignition points for the fire and arson is being looked into as a cause.

“That’s just awful, I can’t imagine someone wanting to do that and ruin people’s livelihoods. Why would you, you know? It’s just awful,” Gould said.

Shasta is a county unafraid to prosecute fire starters – in 2006, William Rupp was found guilty of accidentally starting the 10,000 acre Bear Fire in Jones Valley.

That was an accident and no one died – unlike this fire that killed 55-year-old Brian Henry of Igo when he didn’t evacuate on Sept. 11.

Around rural Shasta County, life is getting back to normal – like getting running water

“The trunk of my car is full of gallon milk jugs that I’ve saved and I went down to the store and filled them up,” Glanzer said.

But, if this fire was intentionally set on a day with 30 mile an hour wind gusts, the healing could quickly turn back to red hot anger.

“Let ’em bring him over to me, grandma will take care of him. I would like to string him up by his unmentionables and let everybody in this damn neighborhood that lost something, take a whack at him,” Glanzer said.


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