WHEATLAND, Calif. (KRON) – North of Sacramento, with a population of 3700 resides the city of Wheatland.

“A lot of people just drive through here,” said Wheatland head coach Andy Fatten.  “There’s two stop lights. They’re in and out.” 

Junior linebacker Isaac Martin added:  “It’s not really a town you recognize.”

Although a small town, that doesn’t stop Martin from producing big results.

“He’s really just been a leader since he stepped foot on the varsity,” Fatten said. 

The Wheatland standout was pulled up as a sophomore to play linebacker on varsity.

Through his first four games of the season according to MaxPreps, Martin has recorded 40 tackles, four sacks, and one interception. 

“It definitely started on Sundays, I would come out to the living room when I was very young and my dad was watching the Niners game,” Martin explained when he knew his love for football began. “Over and over again every Sunday and eventually I wanted to watch. I watched it and I started loving it and then I found out that I could play it at age eight and I was like, ‘let’s go for it!’”

Not only is Martin performing on the gridiron, he’s a leader off the field.

“Isaac’s the definition of a student athlete. He carries a 4.3 GPA.. His film time is up there with all the coaches. We check film time weekly, and he’s up there with all of us.”

The Pirates are coming off a rough three seasons. Where Wheatland went 4 for 23.  This year the Pirates have already notched three wins.

With a fast start and success for Isaac thus far this season, his goals fuel him to keep going: “My goal is to have a winning season and win the league. I would love to hit 100 tackles, triple digits would be amazing and so far starting off strong.”   

“He’s the heart and soul of the team,” Fatten added.  “He doesn’t ever shy away from contact. He’s full throttle. He’s all gas and he never slows down.”