Kaepernick’s Parents Not Surprised by Son’s Success



Millions watched as Colin Kaepernick broke an NFL record and took the 49ers to the NFC championship.

While the world stood in amazement his parents Rick and Teresa Kaepernick were not surprised at all.

“The first series I think he and I screamed with the interception and after that it was all good,” said Teresa.

“I’ve watched it in youth football. I watched it at Pitman High School. I watched it at the University of Nevada and every year it gets a little ramped up where the players are that much better,” said Rick.

Colin Kaepernick’s parents, Teresa and Rick.

Since then, Colin has been at the center of media attention leaving many wondering how he will handle his next big game that could send his team to the Super Bowl.

“I think that is one if his unique traits is the ability to focus. To put things that are on the outside on the outside and basically say I have a job to do here. I am quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. I owe it to the coaches. I owe it to my teammates and I owe it to my fans. I have to do a job,” said Rick.





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