Large Oak Tree Falls into Carmichael Home

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CARMICHAEL — This week’s storm not only wreaked havoc on the roads — it’s taken trees down.

A family in Carmichael is counting their blessings that no one was killed when a large tree fell into their home Wednesday night.

“We just heard a big old crash,” neighbor Manuel Armas said.

The tree toppled over from Armas’s backyard.

“It sounded like a tornado, I thought it was a tornado and it scared me really bad because she was in the room, my granddaughter,” he said.

Next door, Brian Taghizdh was even more startled.

“It like shook the ground and everything started shaking,” Taghizdh said. “I thought it was a car that, like, slid in the rain and it was speeding and it just ran and hit the house.”

But it was the tree.

Taghizdh’s mother, uncle and sister were hit by branches and falling debris, and his mother now has nerve damage in her shoulder.

“They got hit by the sheetrock coming down because they were sitting right here watching TV,” he said.

Everyone is expected to recover.

Meanwhile, Armas says he believes his tree was completely healthy. Now he wants to warn others to be careful with large trees on their properties, especially with so much water in the soil.

“The tree wasn’t leaning one way or the other, it was very healthy,” he said. “I think it was just, basically, the saturated ground and maybe the weight just took it and it went.”


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