Latest Crash Spotlights Dangerous Fair Oaks Side Road

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A fatal car crash woke up a Fair Oaks community at around 6:30 a.m. Sunday.

A man in his mid-30s driving a white, 2013 Dodge pick up truck drove into a street sign, a tree, and a home on the corner of Illinois Avenue and Phoenix Avenue.

“It was a Bang!” neighbor Maria Lopez said. “Then a crunch, like a bang.”

There was one man inside the home on the 5200 block of Illinois Ave during the crash. He suffered no injuries. However, the driver died after sustaining major injuries at around 9 a.m.

California Highway Patrol along with several other agencies investigated the accident. They are unsure if alcohol or drugs were causes for the crash. However, they do believe speed was a factor.

Neighbors told FOX40 speed has been a factor for many incidents that happen in that specific “T” intersection.

“In the last few years, my mailbox was knocked down a few times,” neighbor Easton Berkenpas said. “Then our corner fence post was hit quite a few times. And then about a month ago, a lady hit our house, and she actually took out our gas main and gas was spewing everywhere.”

In the last decade, a stop sign has been placed on Phoenix Avenue to slow traffic. About a year and a half ago, speed tables were also installed in several locations. But because many people use this route as a shortcut to the nearby busy intersection at Hazel and Madison, residents said drivers tend to whiz through.

“People almost take it as a challenge to take the S turn as fast as they can and whip around there,” Berkenpas said.

“Don’t think nothing is going to happen,” Lopez said. “It’ll happen to them, sooner or later, if they’re not careful driving.”

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