Local Filmmaker Produces Documentary on Police Brutality

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There are scenes of civil unrest of the ‘60s, along with police brutality then and now.

Stockton filmmaker Ansar Muhammad says violence from police happens right here in our own backyards.

“I just had … had a premonition that this is something that I needed to do to help these families when I saw the pain that they went through,” he said.

The family of Luther Brown knows pain. Police said got hold of a police baton then tried to strike an officer, when they shot him.

“If he wasn’t shot, how would’ve the officers protected themselves?” FOX40 asked Muhammad.

“If that was indeed the case, obviously that was the force that was needed. But in talking to the family there’re also witnesses that said that it didn’t happen that way,” he said.

But police say their mission is keep people safe.

“Everyday that we come to work, we dedicate our services to protect our citizens here in the city of Stockton,” Officer Joe Silva said. “The men and women of the Stockton Police Department are some of the best trained, if not the best trained officers in the entire nation.”

The family of James Cook disagrees.  He got pulled over for speeding; officers used their batons to get him in custody, then put a wrapping device around him when he was placed in the police car. He lost consciousness and died at the hospital.

And there was also 16-year-old James Rivera.

“He was shot 48 times. And 18 hit my son. My son got holes in his head,” his mother told City Council, back when this first happened.

“This whole film is about giving the perspective other than the police perspective. And that’s what we did,” Muhammad added.

His film premieres Thursday, at the Oakland International Film Festival. It will be shown again in Berkeley on Saturday. There are plans for it to be shown in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York as well.


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